Redington Custom Home Builder

About Us

Gast Homes is a DBA of  Gulf Beach Development Inc. a Florida corporation that has been building new construction residential homes, sub-division developments and commercial condos since 1987.    We are a design / build custom home builder servicing Pinellas County Florida with focus on building FEMA compliant & hurricane resistant custom homes.  Due to the high cost of flood insurance most of our new construction is done on scattered lots that we tear down the existing homes not up to FEMA standards. With over thirty-five years of experience, you can rest assure your next dream home is in good hands.


With the first custom home built back in 1987, before cell phones and computers we learned the hands-on way in both the construction but also the scheduling and management.  The president of the company himself has framed thousands of homes, poured concrete, performed plumbing, electrical and HVAC and so much more.  Unlike a remodeler we know our structural design allowances and maximum spans of building materials and from experience can plan affordable solutions to meet any building project requirements.  In the last thirty-five years we can proudly say there is no other local home building company that can match the knowledge of the vast number of parts, building codes, engineering and process then with Gast Homes.


We carry licenses in multiple states and have built with enormous amounts of code required design details from freezing snow to hurricane winds.  Our Florida Building license is labeled as CG, which stands for Certified General Contractor.  This is the highest building license you can receive in the state of Florida and allows us to build homes, bridges, sky scrappers and more. The start of a builders license is either “C” or “R” , a Certified contractor can build anywhere in Florida whereas a Registered contractor can only build in the county he is registered in due to he did not pass a state certified test.  The second letter of a builder’s license is either “G” or a “B”, General Contractor has taken a more in-depth test and provided the state with proof of additional experience.  The Builder’s license is a step down below the General Contractors and limits his ability to build past three stories but allows for a much easier test with less knowledge and experience.  So the question for you is, if it doesn’t cost you anymore who would you want to build your dream home?

Our Team

At Gast homes we value everyone with respect and loyalty just as we do to our clients.  From our office staff to the sub-contractors, we believe each one of us is a part of the team making a perfect home.  This concept creates a much better building dynamic on the jobsite, whereas each sub-contractor is working together for the same goal.  When our team works together the job moves faster, on schedule and with better quality workmanship. There are many parts to creating this culture inside of Gast Homes but the strongest component to our success is creating a loyal team of people that are familiar with working with each other job after job.

Committed to quality and integrity!

The best part of building a new home is to see it go from a piece of dirt to a fabulous home.  Our best complement is when the homeowners tell their friends years later how great the experience was working with Gast Homes.  To make this happen we take a solution solving approach where we listen to the needs of each homeowner and try to bring it all together.  We use quality but affordable materials to assemble a home that has minimum maintenance long after the build.  Our company owner is the first licensed Building Performance Institute Department of Energy Quality Controls Inspector for Florida, and he still holds this active license.  One shortcut we see often from other builders is press wood trim instead of real pine trim that won’t swell years later from moping. With thousands of details of your home we watch for quality in workmanship and materials making a perfect home.



All builders are paying similar labor and material cost unless they have burned lots of bridges in the past which makes most builders house cost very close in price from each other.  We at Gast Homes are confident we offer the most value for your money when the job is completed.  Although we could make more sales doing the bait and switch where we offer a much lower price and then require many extra surprise costs in the middle of the job we feel this common practice is not fair or ethical.  What we can offer each new construction homeowner is a very accurate estimate that leaves no room for surprises.  Our estimate will also give you savings based on years of experience where we perform task once with the correct materials, in a fast-paced schedule that reduces overhead cost, extended dumpster fees, temporary toilets rentals, utility bills and even theft from inactive building sites.  Bottom line is you will get a much better house for the cost and enjoy the process then any other local custom home builder.